Promotional Materials

BLU Promotional Flyers Available!

There are two BLU promotional flyers available for BFL breeders’ use… a BLU brochure, and a Judging Scorecard.

The flyers are located here:
BFL Promotional Flyer

There is room on each flyer to place individual member contact information either by attaching a business card or using a rubber stamp. They can be printed on your own printer, or take a master copy to your local copy and printing service. The files are in color, but will print in black and white.

These will be ideal handouts for individuals to promote the breed, and their own business or farm. The new format, ably created by Becky Utecht, and proofed by Robina Koenig, is eye-catching and informative.

Full Color Vinyl Banner for BLU Members to Customize!

Our talented BLU secretary, Kris Barndt, designed a color banner for BLU events. It features the circular BLU logo and many color photos of BFL sheep. The Board has decided to make the template available for all our BLU members to use.

The center of the banner is left open and each member can insert their farm name and any contact information or personalized message they’d like to add. Contact Lisa Rodenfels to receive the link to the sign, and instructions on how to customize and order it for your own use.

BuildASign charges $22.74 plus shipping for a 2’x4’ one-sided, full color vinyl banner. The banner comes “hemmed” and with grommets for hanging. BuildASign has options for two-sided printing and larger sizes, although this banner is ONLY available as a 2’ x 4’.

It’s an incredible deal for a very nice vinyl banner to display at your pen during shows or events!

Contact Lisa Rodenfels using the Contact Form