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Bluefaced Leicester ewe and twin lambs

A ewe named “Clio” and her twins.

Kat Bierkens is our BLU Youth Programs Chair. Please contact Kat if you have any questions or suggestions regarding youth programs. Kat has extensive experience with 4-H as well.

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Activity Pages for Kids

For a fun BFL word search puzzle and some coloring pages, click on the PDF files below and print!

A big thank you to Jolene Vezzetti for creating this great word puzzle, and to Kris Barndt for creating these coloring pages. Also, thank you to Nancy Cox-Starkey for reference photos of her Border Collies… they are featured on the Herding coloring page!

Click here for the BFL Word Search puzzle (PDF)
Click here for the BFL Ewe and Twin Lambs coloring page (PDF)
Click here for the BFL Ram and Mule Daughters coloring page (PDF)
Click here for the Herding BFLs with Border Collies coloring page (PDF)

A silly little poem

By Kristen Barndt

B is for Bluefaced Leicester

BFL ewe lamb

A ewe lamb named “Kerryn.”

B is for Bluefaced Leicester,
B-F-L for short,
out of so many sheep,
he couldn’t be nicer!

We love him so dearly
The shepherds do say,
His fleece, and his charm,
and his versa-tili-ty.

His clean little boots,
and his blue little cap,
so friendly is he…
he’d climb into your lap!

His ears like a deer’s
His nose like a mule
He’s smart as a whip
He’s not a fool!

natural colored BFL lamb

What a beautiful color!

He comes in black,
He comes in white
(or brownish or grayish),
ALL a spinner’s delight!

A fleece so soft and shiny,
you can wear it next to
your face!
It makes a lovely scarf
or sweater,
and even better lace!

The rams,
they are as nice as could be,
with such fine manners,
they could sit down to tea!

The ewes are so pretty,
compared to some others,
they have lots of lambs,
and make the best mothers!

He came on a boat, not so long ago,
he sailed from Britain, didn’t you know?
And landed North, in Oh Canada!
on a great big island called Nova Scotia!

BFL triplet lambs

1 – 2 – 3 … Triplets!

Then he came down
to the U.S. of A.
And here he resides
to this very day!

B is for the blue
in this magnificent breed,
You might like him
a lot…
he’s just what you need!