Black Sheep Gathering Report

by Lisa Rodenfels on June 27, 2014

From Robina Koenig
The Black Sheep Gathering was held in Eugene, OR, last weekend. As usual, we all had a great time in the mild weather. My daughter Callie went with me this year and Jared Lloyd stopped by but didn’t show. I missed Nancy Gilkeson but her granddaughter Brooke was representing the family. This is my ‘sheep friends vacation’ and it was good to see everyone, share thoughts and ideas, enjoy the potluck followed by the Spinner’s Lead, plus the sheep show. Hope all is well with those who were not attending and that they will be back next year.

The Blues had their own show again this year, showing both white and natural coloreds together. The classes were well represented. The judge was David Cook. This year I only showed three ewe lambs and three ram lambs. Bearhill Farms (CA) won Champion Ram with a yearling and Liongate Farm (OR) won Champion Ewe with her yearling. This was a first-time showing at BSG for Karen—well done! Here are the winners of all classes. Congratulations to all who entered. Robina @ Tumble Creek Farm

Yearling Ram
1 Bearhill Farms
2 B Jakubos

Ram Lamb
1 Bearhill Farms
2 Tumble Creek Farm
3 Four Oaks Farm
4 Bearhill Farms
5 Liongate Farm
6 Tumble Creek Farm

Pair of Ram Lambs
1 Bearhill Farms
2 Liongate Farm
3 Tumble Creek Farm

Champion Ram, yearling—Bearhill Farms
Res Champion Ram, lamb—Bearhill Farms

Yearling Ewe
1 Liongate Farm
2 Liongate Farm
3 Four Oaks Farm
4 Four Oaks Farm

Ewe Lamb
1 Tumble Creek Farm
2 Bearhill Farms
3 Four Oaks Farm
4 Tumble Creek Farm
5 Tumble Creek Farm
6 Four Oaks Farm

Pair of Ewe Lambs
1 Tumble Creek Farm
2 Four Oaks Farm

Champion Ewe, yearling—Liongate Farm
Res Champion Ewe, lamb— Liongate Farm

Breeder’s Young Flock
1 Tumble Creek Farm
2 Four Oaks Farm

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