BLU Board Meeting 1/14/21

The BLU board met by ZOOM meeting on January 14th at 8PM EST. All board members were in attendance . The new youth board advisor, Kieran Van Horsen, was also in attendance. President Katie Sullivan opened the meeting by welcoming incoming board member Nancy Starkey, and advisor Van Horsen.The minutes of the previous meeting in June were approved.

The current balance in the treasury is $8231.18. The board confirmed Huntington Bank as the bank of record for BLU. Each board member was also provided with a copy of the income and expense detail for yearend 2020. 23 new member packets were sent out during 2020. There are 76 members, of which 7 are Canadian.

There were 357 new registrations(down from 417 in 2019) and 159 transfers processed by the breed registry, administered by Associated Sheep Registries in Wamego, KS. A postcard reminder for 2021 dues will be mailed. The youth committee is working on a project to spotlight each of our youth members.

The genetics committee had exciting news. A new company in the US, Heritage Sheep Reproduction, is working on importing semen from the UK. There are 3 rams that have been selected and the owners are willing to work with us. There is still a need for more people to place orders so that this project can get off the ground. The goal is to have this new semen collected and ready to use by the fall 2021 breeding season.The national show committee stands ready to react as is becomes more clear what the show/festival situation will be later this year. The media committee is looking at the feasibility of a proposal to help link BFL fleece producers with interested buyers through the BLU website. It also has the updating of BLU flyers on its agenda for the year.

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