Flock Books

BLU began publishing an annual flock book starting with 2005 lamb registrations. The flock book was mailed to all paid members as part of their membership package. New members received the latest copy in their “Welcome” packet. With the ever-increasing cost of paper, printing services and postage, in 2011 the Board voted to make the the flock book available on the website (PDF format).

With all of the breed, BLU and membership information already on the website, the 2010 and 2011 flock book formats were changed. These are a “stripped down” version containing only Corrections, The Registry, and some statistics.

You can save the flock book to your computer hard drive, or print out your own copy for insertion into a 3-ring binder. They are presented here in PDF format. NO PASSWORD IS NECESSARY to access the flock books.

2008 Flock Book (our older “book style” format) – PDF file

2009 Flock Book (our older “book style” format) – PDF file

2010 Flock Book (newer format) – PDF file