Election Results

by President on December 9, 2014

Congratulations to Margaret VanCamp, new president of the Bluefaced Leicester Union as of Jan 2015. Incoming Board members are Bill O’Donnell, Rose Ellen Schmidt-Landin, and Karen Szewc.

2014 Candidate for BLU President

by BLU Administrator on November 6, 2014

Below is the resume of the candidate for President for the 2014 BLU election.

Presidential candidate statement for Margaret Van Camp

I’m Margaret Van Camp, and I am running for the President of the BLU board. I have been a partner in Pitchfork Ranch in Swartz Creek, Michigan since 1996, where Cindy Cieciwa and I have a flock of 40 ewes, one third of which are BFLs.

I have served as Vice-President for the last three years, and have become familiar with the operations of the board. The policies and practices we have implemented have the BLU on a solid financial footing, with and excellent outlook. I organized and oversaw the 2014 National BFL Show in Allegan, MI in August. Most importantly, I have enjoyed the company of many and varied BFL breeders, both established and brand new, while cussing and discussing the many and varied attributes of BFLs.

Few would dispute that ours is a breed on the rise. Judges are more familiar with them, more breed shows are including them, shepherds of other breeds are more interested in them, and most BFL breeders I know of are getting more calls for breeding stock, fiber animals, and fleece. We need to take advantage of this moment while continuing to ensure that American BFLs retain their breed character and value as mothers, fiber producers, and crossing sires. I continue to view the Registry a “big tent” under which we all can gather and share our enthusiasm for the breed, no matter which aspect of it most appeals to people.

I would like to work on capitalizing on the growing visibility of our breed by pushing for more breed shows, familiarizing more judges with our breed standard, and try to coordinate more joint advertising opportunities for our members with breeding stock and fiber products to sell. I would also continue to in encouraging two-way communication between the board and the membership.

I would appreciate your vote.

2014 Board Candidate Resumes

October 29, 2014

Below are the resumes of the four Board of Director candidates for the 2014 BLU election. Good luck everyone! Karen Szewc: Liongate Farm, Rogue River, Oregon I own and operate Liongate Farm located in Southern Oregon with my husband Jon Updegraff. I am a shepherdess, fiberpreneur and maker of fiber crafts (as well as head […]

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September Financial Report

October 15, 2014


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BLU Registry Has Moved!

October 11, 2014

Associated Sheep Registries has moved its offices from Milo Iowa to Kansas. This took place late in September, and the new office is up and running now. Please send all registration and transfer requests to the new address. As always, checks should be made out to BLU or Bluefaced Leicester Union. Associated Sheep Registries BLU […]

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Upcoming BLU Election

October 11, 2014

Deadline to submit resumes to run for President or 3 board positions is OCTOBER 25th *** Send resume to BLU breed secretary at P.O. Box 2304 Frisco, TX 75034, or email to info@bflsheep.com Timeline for Election: October 25th – Last day to receive resumes for candidacies. Resumes will be posted on the BLU website during […]

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Maggie and Eunice have a good day!

September 26, 2014

Junior BLU member Maggie Hoffman of Pennsylvania won Champion AOB Ewe in the open show at Bloomsburg Fair with Eunice. Eunice was born and raised on the Hoffman farm. She is out of Beechtree Graystone x Potosi Idella

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BFLs win at Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds,Crownsville, MD

September 15, 2014

Owner BLU member Lisa Richie-Wilson reports: My daughter Jacquelyn is the one with Jasmine (the natural colored ewe) and Joanna (Jacq’s friend) is with Jaycee (Jasmine’s lamb). We forgot to enter them in the plain wool show but they were both entered in 4-H, Open Class &Natural Colored Wool. Jasmine the Natural Colored one got […]

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Congratulations to Pitchfork Ranch

September 14, 2014

To cap off a the 2014 National BFL show, a Bluefaced Leicester ewe lamb was named Supreme Ewe at Michigan Fiber Festival by Judge Dave Smith over a dozen other ewes of other breeds. She is bred and owned by Pitchfork Ranch of Swartz Creek MI. The triplet ewe lamb, PFR 791, along with one […]

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Results of the Fiber Arts Competition at National Show

August 27, 2014

The winner of the fiber arts competition is this gorgeous shawl, an all original design for the BFL National Show by Christine Kurk. It was created in Potosi Laceweight mill spun yarn. The 2nd place entry, Robina Koenig’s entry, is called a hooded wrap as it just goes over the shoulders with pockets on each […]

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