Membership list

In an effort to enhance the accuracy of our membership list and tie up any loose ends that that may have slipped during the transition between the former and current secretary/treasurer, we have posted a membership status list below. It reflects the best information we have at the time, and we are not posting it because we know it to be error-free.

Annual dues are to be paid at the beginning of the calendar year. To be issued a ballot for elections (which take place near the end of the year), your annual dues must be paid by October 31.

NEW members joining on August 1st or later will be counted as active immediately, and will not have to renew until after the end of the following year. (Example: a new membership started in September, 2021 will expire December 31, 2022).

We realize that many members renew their memberships when they register their lambs born in that year, which may take place at any time during the year. Be advised that existing members who wait until late in the year to register lambs and/or renew their membership will not be renewing for the coming year as well; they will still owe dues in January for the upcoming year. (Example: I wait until November of 2021 to register my 2021 lambs and renew my membership; in January of 2022 I still will owe my 2022 dues).

The above does not reflect any changes in BLU membership policy; it simply spells it out. Any questions about the status of your membership below should be directed to the secretary/ treasurer, Margaret Van Camp, 810-814-3408, pitchfork3772(AT)

Membership list as of June 9, 2023

Membership STATUS as of June 9, 2023