Officers and Bylaws


President: Katie Sullivan, Vermont
Vice-President: Meredith Myers-Null, Maryland
Secretary/Treasurer:  Margaret Van Camp
Nancy Starkey, Maryland
Karen Szewc, Oregon
Paul Genge, Washington


By-Laws/Standards Committee: Paul Genge
National Show Committee: Margaret VanCamp
Membership Committee: OPEN
BLU Youth Programs Committee: Meredith Myers-Null
Genetics Task Force Committee: Margaret VanCamp
Media & Advertising Committee: Katie Sullivan

Other Appointed Positions

Registry Services provided by: ASR (Associated Sheep Registries)

Youth Advisor Kieran Van Horsen – OR


Our current By-Laws document is available here for downloading or printing:  BLU By-Laws

Minutes & Treasurer’s Reports

A summary of all board meetings are posted under “News”

Copies of official board minutes and monthly financial statements can be obtained by contacting the secretary at