BLU Youth

Bluefaced Leicesters make great kids’ sheep. They are gentle, easy to handle, and very people oriented.

BLU has an active group of young people, and we value them tremendously as our future! Please visit our membership page to join. Youth dues are just $5 per year.

Just this fall, BLU added a new position to the board – the Youth Board Advisor. This person will attend board meetings representing our BLU youth, and also will have a seat on the youth committee. The position is open to all current BLU youth members, and there is an application for any one interested.

We offer a voucher program to assist with purchasing breeding stock. All youth in the US and Canada can apply for this program.

We also support the Youth Conservationist Program, which we work with to match a donated BFL ewe to a deserving young person each year during the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. There is an application process for this program too.