You say it like this:  “BLUE-FACED  LESS-TER”
You spell it like this:  BLUEFACED  LEICESTER

The Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America

The Bluefaced Leicester is very distinct with its Roman nose, long, upright earset, and deep blue skin contrasted with soft, white, demi-lustre wool. The BFL also has recessive color genetics, and “Natural Colored” lambs can be produced. Both rams and ewes are polled. They have a clean head/face, legs, and belly (free of wool).

The BFL is classified as a Longwool breed. It is one of the three Leicester breeds of sheep… the English Leicester Longwool, the Border Leicester, and of course, the Bluefaced Leicester. Discover more about this magnificent breed here!

Below is a tri-fold brochure developed by BLU to promote this unique breed. Feel free to download and share.