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  • New Services for BLU members in the works

    The new BLU board has not let any grass grow under its feet in taking up several projects designed to enhance members’ interactions with the organization, particularly online. After several meetings, it became clear that members want more information regarding pedigrees, youth activities, imported bloodlines, events and more in an easily accessible format, kept current… Read more

  • BLU Advertizing Expenditure

    Your 2020 Advertising Dollars At Work As the 2020 sheep show and fiber festival season draws to a close, BLU would like to remind our members of the advertising dollars spent promoting the breed and the breeders during the year.  This has been a strange and difficult year for these events, with many cancelled, or… Read more

  • BLU Board Meeting 1/27/22

    BLU board meeting – 1/27/22, 7pm EST, via ZOOM Post meeting note: Deadline for MSWF catalogue ad is Jan 31. Margaret polled board members as to whether to place an for BLU, and 5/6 responded in the affirmative (Meredith did not vote). Due to the  tight deadline, Margaret worked up a couple of ad options… Read more

  • Change to the color standard – NEW Black Silver designation

    COLOR All purebred Bluefaced Leicester sheep are permitted in the Registry regardless of color: white or natural colored. Although moorit has not yet appeared, it will also be accepted. (Please refer to the Rules for Registration, Section 4.) Natural Colored: Although the Bluefaced Leicester is predominately a white wool breed, it does carry a recessive black… Read more

  • Summary of 2-5-20 Board Meeting

    The BLU board met by teleconference meeting on February 5th at 8PM EST. All board members were in attendance but Karen Szewc, who was moving her farm. The new youth board advisor, Kieran Van Horsen, was absent due to a midterm test. The minutes of the previous meeting in August were approved. The current balance… Read more

  • Export to Canada : Explained (from a U.S. perspective)

    By Margaret Van Camp, Pitchfork Ranch, Swartz Creek, MI (, 810-814-3408)Of late, our breed has been catching the eyes and the interest of our good neighbors to the north. BLU currently has five Canadian flocks as members, and doubtless there are more flocks that have BLU-registered sheep in them that are not (yet!) members. With… Read more