Are you missing from our Membership Directory?

Just a quick reminder to our membership… if you see that you are “missing” from our online Membership Directory, please renew today and we’ll add you back in! We’ve really extended our grace period this year, but today is May 1st and we’ve removed our unrenewed members from the website Directory.

Your membership is vital to BLU, and your visibility here helps people locate BFL breeders in their area… so it means business for you!

Welcome to our new BLU site!

The biggest news from the secretary’s desk is that we’ve been working on a new BLU website. We apologize for the delays, but here it is! Like all births, it was accompanied by much groaning and gnashing of teeth (as well as some pulling of hair)!

It’s been a pretty big project, but the new WordPress website is very flexible. It will require some on-going development for a while, but it will be very easy for the administrators to update it frequently… every few days, if needed! We can also post articles, stories, and content on a continual basis. By keeping content fresh, such as posting every week or every other week, it may eventually eliminate the need for a “traditional newsletter.”

We’ve tried to organize the website and make it as user-friendly as possible, and we’ve tried to cover all information that you may need. In creating the pages, we kept finding there was more and more information that should be included!

We have included a classifieds ad section (up to 4 photos allowed!). There is also a calendar where we can post upcoming events, such as big shows where BLU will have the display booth, or where BFLs may be shown. I think in just a short time, our new BLU site will be “world class!” We hope you’ll enjoy it. Please visit often!

At your service,
Kris Barndt, Secretary