BLU Election – call for resumes

The BLU election is coming in November !
Deadline to submit resumes to run for Vice-President or 2 board positions is OCTOBER 25th    ***
Send resume to breed secretary at P.O. Box 2304 Frisco, TX 75034, or email to

Timeline for Election:

October 25th – Last day to receive resumes for candidacies.  Resumes will be posted on the BLU website during the election.
Nov. 1st – Election Supervisor will mail ballots to all BLU full members as of October 1, 2011.
Dec. 1st – Deadline for ballots to be returned to Election Supervisor.
Dec. 5th – Election Supervisor will count ballots and report to BLU president.
Dec. 6th – President to contact all candidates with results.

***Check by-laws for eligibility rules and position descriptions

2011 Membership Drive Kickoff!

Don’t forget to renew your membership with BLU!
$15 Active
$5 Youth
$10 Associate

Click on the membership “How to Join” button above for more information. We encourage you to use our PayPal feature.

Don’t risk missing even one minute of the benefits of membership. The deadline to renew without interruption of your membership is March 1st.

Please remember to make the check out to BLU, and to mail it directly to our Treasurer, as directed on the membership form.

Members… Please see our updated MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY on the website

The Membership Directory on the website has been under further development. It now shows membership information such as:

  • Your membership status (Full (Active), Junior, or Associate).
  • Year you joined BLU and/or date you renewed.
  • Your membership expiration date and/or a reminder to RENEW.
  • Your “flock number” (or ASR number, or BLU number), if known (this will assist you and ASR).
  • Your Prefix, if known (this will assist you and ASR).

Please review your information and contact me with any changes, updates, or missing information for this directory. Contact Kris Barndt.

President’s notes on the BLU board January 19 meeting

The BLU board has a year under its belt, having met a total of seven times during 2010. Many things have been accomplished, and 2011 opens with lots of new ideas to work on. The association is on firm footing financially, showing an increase in its treasury during 2010. During 2010, a set of bylaws were formally adopted by the board, and committees were formed to oversee projects. The third national show was held in Oregon during the Black Sheep Gathering, and was well attended. A quarterly newsletter, BLUPrint, was established, with several members contributing to articles throughout the year. The website was updated and revamped, and will continue to be improved upon. Two banners were designed and made available to the membership to use at their local events to promote BFLs. A formal procedure for proposals for the 2012 national show was adopted.

A new year brings new opportunities. The board has already met for its opening meeting in January, reviewing the financial situation and budgeting for 2011. It went over proposals for the 2012 National Show venue, and made its selection. The show will be held in Wooster, Ohio during the Great Lakes Fiber Show. Banner Sales holds a show and sale during this festival, and BFL breeders will have the opportunity to enter their sheep in the Banner sale if they so choose. The board kicked off the 2011 membership drive. Current members will be receiving a postcard in the mail soon, reminding all that 2011 dues need to be paid before the March 1st deadline. Don’t be late and risk missing out on the benefits that membership in BLU provides!