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President’s notes on Board meeting held April 27, 2011

The board met by teleconference the afternoon of Wednesday, April 27th. Several items were discussed. The secretary gave an update on the website and how it is operating. There have been a few glitches in the way the membership list and the calendar of events programs are working, but overall the board is very pleased with the new site.

It is the goal of the president to have between 3-5 new entries to the home page blog each month. So far, several members have volunteered to write articles for the blog, so this goal has been met. My thanks to everyone who has volunteered – keep those ideas coming!

There are still some 2010 BLU members who have not renewed their memberships for 2011. Although this year the official grace period of 60 days was extended, those people will now be removed from the on-line membership list, and will not receive their flockbook information until the 2011 dues are paid.

The BFL National show committee reports that several subcommittees have formed and have been working on plans for the 2012 show. As a reminder, the show is in Ohio, at the Great Lakes Fiber Show in Wooster on Memorial Day weekend. It was suggested that a class for “breeders choice” be added to the sheep show as a fun award.

Secretary Kris Barndt is working, organizing the information provided from our registrar, ASR, and hopes to have the electronic version of the 2010 Flockbook available to our membership by the end of May.

A committee has been formed to work on filing for non-profit status with the IRS. Anyone with experience in this process would be welcomed onto this committee.

The upcoming Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival was discussed. Jolene Vezzetti and her family will have a display for BLU in their pens in the barn. She will also help organize an informal gathering of BLU members and others interested in BFLs during the lunch break in the sheep show arena on Saturday.

The board decided to order another BLU banner so that the one we have does not need to be shipped back and forth across the country.

Some of the board positions will be up for re-election this coming fall. Robina Koenig has agreed to be the election committee chairperson. Watch for more information later this summer, and for a call for resumes of members interested in running for these board positions.

The next scheduled meeting of the board is on July 27th.

President’s Message

Originally published in the newsletter BLU Print; October 2010, Vol. 1, No. 3

The show season is winding down, and the fiber festivals are over, and it’s time to look back on a successful year promoting BFLs. From the 3rd National Show in Oregon, to shows across the country, BFLs have been presented by a growing number of breeders. Fleeces and fiber are in high demand from handspinners and fiber artists.

In early October, semen from seven new bloodlines was imported into this country from Great Britain. These rams come from some of their top flocks – both in the showring, and more importantly, from breeders who progeny test their rams for productivity traits. Offspring from these new bloodlines will soon be available from breeders across the country, bringing genetic improvement and diversity to the US flock. I hope you all support the breeders who will be using this semen in their flocks and take advantage of the improvements they can make in your own flocks.

This marks the end of the first year for the new Bluefaced Leicester Union Board of Directors. The Board has made much progress; adopting bylaws for the association, developing a budget, establishing a newsletter, revamping the website, and working on guidelines for future national shows. There is still much to do, and we welcome your suggestions and requests.

I want to thank you all for your support during this first year. A lot of people have volunteered their time and talents to make this a year full of progress and opportunity for BLU. I look forward to the promise that 2011 holds.

Wishing all of you a blessed holiday season, and the very best for 2011!
Lisa Rodenfels

Welcome to our new BLU site!

The biggest news from the secretary’s desk is that we’ve been working on a new BLU website. We apologize for the delays, but here it is! Like all births, it was accompanied by much groaning and gnashing of teeth (as well as some pulling of hair)!

It’s been a pretty big project, but the new WordPress website is very flexible. It will require some on-going development for a while, but it will be very easy for the administrators to update it frequently… every few days, if needed! We can also post articles, stories, and content on a continual basis. By keeping content fresh, such as posting every week or every other week, it may eventually eliminate the need for a “traditional newsletter.”

We’ve tried to organize the website and make it as user-friendly as possible, and we’ve tried to cover all information that you may need. In creating the pages, we kept finding there was more and more information that should be included!

We have included a classifieds ad section (up to 4 photos allowed!). There is also a calendar where we can post upcoming events, such as big shows where BLU will have the display booth, or where BFLs may be shown. I think in just a short time, our new BLU site will be “world class!” We hope you’ll enjoy it. Please visit often!

At your service,
Kris Barndt, Secretary