Super Sire, Ltd. imports straws from magnificent “Masterplan”

After a few of us saw (and drooled over) a photo of a ram named “Scotty” all the way back during New York State Sheep & Wool Festival 2007… straws from UK Bluefaced Leicester ram Mossvale Masterplan 1463/X6 E+ have finally been imported this year by Martin Dally of Super Sire, Ltd.!

Jared Lloyd was fortunate to see Masterplan during his 2009 trip to the UK. Jared wrote in his notes: “Mossvale Masterplan – Phil May (Derwenlas) and Phil Davies (Gornal). Martin is already dealing with them; they’re incredible people. Mr. Davies has a renowned dairy herd, and Mr. May is a rep/tech for ABS Global/Genus. Anyway, Masterplan is a heckuva tup! Tremendous body and easy keeping, his daughters are superb for those traits…. So, we’ll buy this semen from Martin. Masterplan didn’t break his leg, but there was a mistake with the paperwork.”

A few years ago there was a rumor that circulated briefly here, that on the way to the collection station, Masterplan had an accident getting out of a truck and broke a front leg. From whence it came, we have no idea, but many of us who were looking forward to the import were upset, thinking that this magnificent ram had to be destroyed.

Turns out the rumors were UNTRUE and that Mossvale Masterplan was alive and well… and that there was no accident… only some paperwork malfunctions! Were we ever relieved to hear that news! In the years to come, there will always be stories like this one to retell whenever we get together to share our memories…  “Hey, remember the time that… !”

We’re so pleased to have this UK ram’s genetics available to us here in North America. He joins a great list of other UK rams whose straws entered the country this year. Please contact Super Sire, Ltd. at for more information.

Mossvale Masterplan Scotty
Mossvale Masterplan 1463/X6 E+ (aka "Scotty")

Mossvale Masterplan 1463/X6 E+ (also known as “Scotty”)
Sire: Walton Golden Eye 468/W7 E+ [RR]
Dam’s Sire: Jerriestown 567/N1 E+ [RR]
Birthdate: 2005
Codon markers: ARR/ARR
Color: White
Breeder: A. & J. Minnis
Importer/Year: Super Sire, Ltd., 2010

Derwenlas 3822/Z2 E+, by Mossvale Masterplan 1463/X6 E+

Here is a photo of one of Masterplan’s sons from the UK, bred by Phil May, Derwenlas flock.
Derwenlas 3822/Z2 E+

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  1. What a gorgeous conformation on Z2. And how could you not like a ram named Velvet Prince??? LOL Someone who uses 1463/X6 semen HAS to name one of his offspring Velvet Prince! Jared, I insist! :^)

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