New Youth BFL Breeder

by Kathleen Davidson

In January Maggie Hoffman 14, became a new BFL breeder, buying a bred ewe and a yearling ewe from Potosi Farm. Maggie had no experience with sheep but was confident with her decision to become a shepherd. When it was time for her ewe to lamb, Maggie was excited and ready for lambs. On the due date she called to tell me that her ewe had “egg yolk like fluid coming out”. What an observation for a novice!

With phone directions, Maggie put her hand right in the ewe, straightened a leg and pulled out her first lamb. I’ve had adults freak and tell me “I can’t” when I give them the same directions. Maggie also pulled a second lamb with the same calm confidence. With two beautiful black lambs to care for, we happily hung up and she sent me pictures of her lambs a few days later.

One month later, Maggie’s mom called with the sad news that their barn had burned and all of Maggie’s sheep and rabbits were gone. Maggie was devastated and broken-hearted. This has got to be the most horrible thing that can happen to a shepherd.

There’s a happy ending to this story though. By Easter, Maggie had a new flock and as you can see in the picture she is very happy to have a new lamb and ewe. Although these sheep will never replace the lambs she delivered Maggie is a shepherd again and this lamb and yearling are lucky to have Maggie as their shepherd. Welcome to BFL sheep, Maggie!

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