ASR Now Has New Mailing Address

A very important note to all our members and BFL breeders…

Associated Sheep Registries (ASR) has recently completed their move into larger offices just down the street from their old location. They now have a new mailing address (a P.O. Box). Their telephone and fax numbers will remain the same.

All BLU forms have been updated with the new ASR address and are available on the website under REGISTRY. Please be sure to discard any old forms with the old ASR address. This includes the Work Order Form, Application for Registration, Certificate of Breeding, Certificate of AI Breeding, and Imported Semen Registration Form.

All updated BLU forms have been emailed to Carrie at ASR.

Please mail all forms and any correspondence to ASR’s new address:

Associated Sheep Registries (ASR)
P.O. Box 51, 222 Main Street
Milo, IA 50166

Phone: 641-942-6402
Fax:  641-942-6502

ASR will still be receiving mail at the old address (or it will be forwarded to their new address), so anything that has been mailed to ASR in the past week or so will still get there.

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