President’s notes on board meeting held November 16, 2011

On November 16th, the BLU board met by teleconference. The treasurer’s report and the minutes from the August 10th meeting were approved.

Our treasurer, Becky Utecht, is not running for a second term on the board, and does not wish to continue as BLU treasurer. So the board will be looking for someone from the membership to fill this position.

The flockbook was discussed. Since it is very time consuming for the secretary to produce on a voluntary basis, and to pay someone to do it would be a substantial expense, the board would like to find out just how important it is to the membership. To this end, the president and secretary will work on a set of questions to find out if the cost is justified and if the membership uses the flockbook, or might prefer the information in a different format. A survey will be set up for the membership in the next few months.

The national show committee updated the board on its progress. The committee is meeting at the fairgrounds in Wooster on Friday, November 18th to look at the facility and discuss how best to use it for demonstrations and the fleece/fiber competition. They will also make arrangements for hotel and banquet facilities.

The board voted to extend the contract on the website. They are very happy with the look and content of the website, and how it is maintained.

An issue with the way that American Sheep Registry is handling the registration of UK ram semen into our breed registry was discussed. It was decided that the Genetics Taskforce committee should appoint someone to oversee this process. Policy will be re-written to have the information already required for semen registry to be looked over by the committee to assure that all paperwork is in order before it is submitted to ASR, and then re-checked to be certain it has been entered correctly to ensure pedigrees are correct and the integrity of the registry is maintained.

A brief meeting is planned for December to welcome new board member(s). Two topics that will be discussed will be the open treasurer’s position and approval of the 2012 budget.
If there are concerns from the membership that the board

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