President’s notes on Board meeting held February 15, 2012

The board met by teleconference the evening of Wednesday, February 15th.  Our new treasurer, Cindy Cieciwa, was able to join us for the first part of the meeting.  The proposed budget for 2012 was reviewed.  The board is pleased with our progress toward building up fund reserves while still providing needed services to our membership.  The need for a new checking account with a bank near both the treasurer and the president was discussed.

Kris Barndt presented the minutes from the previous meeting in November.  She also discussed the need to make some changes to the website and forms to reflect the new treasurer, and to help remind the members to mail their membership dues directly to Associated Sheep Registries.   A postcard reminding members of the deadline for paying 2012 dues has been mailed out.

The BFL National show committee reported on its progress.  Trophies & ribbons have been ordered, the hotel has been reserved, a banquet has been arranged for.  The sheep show entry forms are nearly ready for publication, and the yarn, fleece, fiber arts, and photography contest forms are ready, as well.  They will be posted to the BLU website, Facebook page, and advertized in the next few days.

The genetics taskforce had several items to report.  All six of the most recent imported rams have been correctly entered into the ASR registry database, and new certificates issued at no charge.  Heather Landin has agreed to oversee the import process for the future to assure that BLU policy is followed, and the required paperwork is filed completely and correctly before new rams are entered into the system.  The next ram to be entered will be Myfyrian Blue Dragon, who was imported by our Canadian members this past summer.   Jared Lloyd reported on the progress in getting several new rams that have been collected into the US for our membership’s use.  There is a problem with the company that does the collection work that is being looked into by USDA.  It is hoped that it will be quickly resolved.

A committee has been formed to work on filing for non-profit status 501(c)(5) with the IRS.  Anyone with experience in this process would be welcomed onto this committee.

The upcoming Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival was discussed.  Jolene Vezzetti will help organize an informal gathering of BLU members and others interested in BFLs during the lunch break in the sheep show arena on Saturday.

A request to support the Michigan Fiberfest in Allegan, MI was considered by the board, and it was decided to make a donation.  BLU will be recognized in their catalog as well as listed on a banner in the showring.  As a reminder, if any members attend festivals, shows, etc., with sheep or fiber, please contact the board to request that BLU advertizes or supports the show in some way.  One of the functions of BLU is to promote the breed, and we’d like to do that as much as possible.

The next scheduled meeting of the board is on April 25th.

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