President’s notes on Board meeting held August 21, 2012

The board met by teleconference the evening of Tuesday, August 21st.

A treasurer’s report for the period of January to July, 2012 was submitted for the board’s approval.

Secretary Kris Barndt presented the minutes from the previous meeting in June.  She also reported on her progress with the 2010-11 Flockbooks.  She will be posting the 2008, 2009, and 2010 versions on the website immediately, and will finish and post the 2011 book within a week.   The board discussed the possibility of replacing the flockbook with an on-line, searchable database.  There are several options to consider.  A basic version would have a have a higher initial cost, and in the long run, save money over the cost of the flockbook.  It would also make more information available to the membership, making it more useful to research pedigrees.  There will be more discussion on this topic in future meetings.

There was a brief discussion of possible venues for the 2014 show.  Show proposals will be due by the January 2013 board meeting, so the membership needs to be reminded to work on these proposals.  There is a proposal form available on the BLU website.

The Bylaws & Standards committee chair, Margaret VanCamp reported that she has received the charter renewal form, and will complete the form and submit it to the treasurer for payment.

The genetics taskforce reported on the progress in getting several new rams that have been collected into the US for our membership’s use.  There is a problem with the company that does the collection work that is being looked into by USDA.

Three requests for advertising in different show venues have been received recently from members.  Fiber festivals in New Jersey and New Hampshire, as well as an ad in the Black Sheep Newsletter have been requested.   The board approved all three ads.

The upcoming election was discussed.  The deadline to submit resumes for the position of President or for 3 board seats is October 25th.  A postcard reminding the membership of the upcoming election was mailed in July.  Reminders will be posted on the website and on the BFL chat lists in the weeks leading up to the deadline.

The next scheduled meeting of the board will be in November.

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