1st BFLs shown at Geauga County (Ohio) Fair this fall

from BLU member Sharon O’Donnell
Glad to report on the Great Geauga County Fair Sheep Show – and our ‘new’ observations for our BFLs.  First of all, the show results – We had to show in All Other Breeds – because the Bluefaced Leicesters are new.  But, since Bill & I have shown sheep at the fair since 4-H days and, they know we’ll be back year after year, our sheep director has promised a wool class for next year and will work on an individual class for the sheep.
 Murphy's fleece
AOBs included: Columbias and Horned Dorsets besides the BFLs.
Murphy – ram lamb: finished first in the lamb class and was Reserve Champion
Blue – yearling ewe: was first and Reserve Champion
Sue – yearling ewe: was second
The judge was Budd Martin who did a great job with the entire show because he explained to the audience what he was looking for in every breed category.  He was greatly impressed with Murphy.  Said he was the most complete ram in the entire show – and since the AOBs were the last class – he had looked at quite a few rams.
Murphy did get a ‘look’ in the Supreme Champion Ram class.  That was exciting since the meat breeds usually take that class.  My Border Leicester ewe lamb did get a ‘look’ also in the Supreme Ewe class – but, he went with the big Natural Colored Columbia ewe.
The Bluefaced Leicesters were a big hit at the fair.  We had lots of questions and fair-goers were impressed with our BFL sign from Build-a-sign.  Thanks for that opportunity.
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