BFLs win at Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds,Crownsville, MD

10314557_10152717851259696_7628493519929986687_n Owner BLU member Lisa Richie-Wilson reports: My daughter Jacquelyn is the one with Jasmine (the natural colored ewe) and Joanna (Jacq’s friend) is with Jaycee (Jasmine’s lamb). We forgot to enter them in the plain wool show but they were both entered in 4-H, Open Class &Natural Colored Wool. Jasmine the Natural Colored one got 1st place and Reserve Champion. Jaycee the White yearling got 1st place, Champion and Grand Champion.

10628472_10152717851094696_4404037006294478673_nJacquelyn, Kathy Davidson, and Joanna with the ewes, Jasmine and Jaycee.

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