Herding Demo at MS&W festival

Rye driving the ewes (1)
by Nancy Starkey
I have been announcing the demos for over 20 years and have been performing in the demos for the past six or seven years. We have used Bluefaced Leicester sheep from my flock in the demos for several years, and they were especially appropriate this year because of the Bluefaced Leicester National Show.
Kep and ewes at festival (1)
The dogs used in the demonstrations are Working Border Collies. We showcase the natural talent and ability of the dogs and show how they can be an asset to the livestock producer. We also have the dogs work in partnership with the handlers to maneuver the sheep through the various obstacles around the arena.
Rye in Demos by Garrett (2)Photo by Garrett Ramsay
Throughout the demo, we stress that livestock should always be handled in a calm, quiet manner by the dogs. Our goal is for the demonstrations to be enjoyable as well as informative for the crowds.Aggie and sheep2 (2)

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