2017 Election: Candidate Statements

Ballots will be mailed out by the 1st of November, and are due back to the election chairperson by December 1st. Ballots will be mailed to all active members as of October 1st. Here are the candidates:

Candidate for VP
Meredith Myers-Null – BlueLand Farm – Mt Airy, MD

I am excited for the opportunity to serve as the BLU Vice President. I have significant experience that should serve me well in this role. Most recently I served on the Maryland Sheep Breeders Association (MSBA) Board of Directors for three years. MSBA puts on the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, the annual Maryland Wool Pool, and sponsors several other educational and promotional activities through the year.
I have been in love with and owned Bluefaced Leicesters for 12 years. Over those past 12 years first my mom, Connie, and I and since her passing, now my husband, Dan, and I have been building a flock that has quality fleeces on sound, fast growing frames. We are very proud to be a part of this breed. BFLs have such a unique position in our current market that places emphasis on quality and sustainable production, and I am looking forward to representing the breed through our organization.

Two (2) Candidates for Board Positions
Shellie Ross – Celtic Oaks Farm – Merritt Island, FL

I would like to be considered for a board position with BLU in the 2017 election. I feel I am a good candidate for this position due to my past positions of director and secretary on a national rare breed rabbit club. I am excited about the breed, and introducing them this far south here in the US to help further first hand education at fairs/shows/festivals.
Our farm sits 10 miles from the Atlantic ocean on a true island complete with ocean breezes and palm trees. Our front porch is prime viewing of launches from Kennedy space center which is due east of us as well. We are a military family with 2 sons at home. The youngest (almost 7) has his own herd of competitive show Satin Angora rabbits. He has taken to the sheep & is anxious is have his own lambs in spring to work with. We purchased him a local club lamb this year to learn with/from, this little wether has sparked his interest even more.
We selected BFL as our breed due to our climate, and guidance from a friend who said the long wool would handle our rain/humidity better as well as provide excellent meat. I enjoy spinning, and needle felting. The BFL blends beautifully with our satin angora rabbit for projects. We will remain focused on meat production as well as hand spinners fleeces with our flock. Our family is all in family with the farm. Our oldest and my husband build whatever is needed for the animals. Our youngest helps clean stalls, feed, and socialize everyone. I am the researcher, planner, record keeper, and point of contact for the farm.
Since we are so far south, with extreme weather, we have started small. 3 ewes (2 yearlings and a lamb) as well as 1 ram. I may be new to the breed, but I am excited for the future with them, and the opportunity to serve the club in any way possible.

Katie Sullivan – Cloverworks Farm – Albany, VT
Hi, my name is Katie Sullivan and I live in Albany, VT.  l have been raising BFLs since 2016 but have been raising sheep since 2012.  My professional background is in dairy goat management and genetics.  Using my knowledge of statistical sire evaluations,  I have helped several herds increase their milk yields and improve general conformation and udder traits.  I want to continue BLU’s work in promoting the breed and encouraging continued improvement of our breeds’ health and vitality.


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