Summary of April 26th, 2018 meeting

The BLU board met by teleconference meeting on April 26th at 6PM EDT. All board members were in attendance, as well the as Sect/Treas.
The minutes of the January 17th meeting were read and approved. The current balance in the treasury is $10,378.63. There are several ads to be placed in magazines and festival catalogs which will be paid soon.

The committee chairs have been busy working on new projects for the association. The genetics taskforce has been working on a video promoting the data collection system, NSIP, which is an industry wide program to collect data which will allow breeders to improve the commercially important genetics in their flocks and compare to other flocks using EBVs. BLU will make this video available on the website, and encourages its members to consider using this data system to make breeding decisions in their own flocks. With enough interest from members, there is a possibility of offering financial incentives to breeders to help offset the costs incurred, as all BFL breeders will benefit from the improved productivity and ability to select breeding stock based on desired traits.

The bylaws and standards committee has developed an addendum to the breed standard in which BLU recommends following veterinarian and industry standards on tail docking length. This will be on the website, sent out to new breeders, and made available to judges at shows, along with the judging scorecard.

The youth committee has suggested a scholarship program for our youth members, and will be working on a proposal for the next meeting. An online questionnaire, geared toward getting to know our youth and their needs, is being prepared.

The media committee is also hard at work. There will be an issue in the Shepherd Magazine this fall featuring BFLs. Several breeders have volunteered to write articles on different uses of the BFL. Also, the logo that we currently use will be updated so that we have a larger file for printing. The board decided to keep the style similar, but will need a new BFL head for it. For that, the media committee will be holding a photo contest. It is hoped that the 7 life members, all of whom were founding members of BLU, will agree to judge the contest.
Other projects being worked on include a video on how to grow and prepare a BFL fleece for competition, and another video on how to fit a BFL for showing.

The national show committee reported that final plans are being made for the show in June.

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