New logo design contest

In honor of the 20th year of BLU, the BLU board voted unanimously to refresh our logo. The basic design will stay the same, but fonts and colors will be refreshed and we will gain higher-resolution images of our logo to improve our printing performance.

We are looking for a new sheep photograph to fill the roll of the “Official Sheep” on the BLU logo. Clearly, a contest is in order!

We are looking for:
*Photographs of registered US BFL sheep, ram or ewe.
*White sheep only, to best illustrate the “blue” color
*Headshots in full profile or 3/4 profile (current Logo pose). Please do not send uncropped, full-body photos
*High-resolution images
*Excellent head shape and beautiful blue color.

Entries will be judged anonymously by our “Lifetime Members”, breeders-emeritus who have made tremendous contributions to the breed in the US, but who no longer have active flocks. Eartags and other identifying material in a photo will be obscured before judging. Photos will be judged on head quality and photographic quality.

And, of course, the winner gets the honor of owning the sheep who is the Official Sheep of the BLU logo!

Submit photos and/or questions to
Deadline to enter June 1st

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