1st Place BFL Skein at Maryland Sheep & Wool for the national show award

Skein2016 Winner Tracy Seamster of Baltimore MD writes:

About the skein…. The fiber is from Friends in Fiber’s Etsy shop, in colorway Malala (after Malala Yousafzai). I fell in love with the turquoise, and felt fractal spinning would highlight the colors.Skein1st2016 I started it on an Enid Ashcroft Turkish spindle while on jury duty, then finished it on my Golding Travel wheel. BFL is actually my favorite fiber to spin, so I was really surprised and also humbled by an award for the skein.Skein1st Photos by Tracy Seamster

Class winners at the 2016 National Show in Maryland

These photos are supplied by BLU board member Karen Szewc. For more photos of the individual classes and exhibitors, visit our Facebook Page.

White champion and reserve champion yearling and ram lambs

White champion and reserve champion yearling and ewe lambs

Natural colored champion and reserve champion yearling and ram lambs

Natural colored champion and reserve champion yearling and ewe lambs

2016 National BFL Sheep Show results

2016 National BFL Sheep Show Champions

Blue Faced Leicester – White
Ram – Brenda Lelli – Yearling
Ewe – Ellora Chapin – Yearling
Best Fleece – Ellora Chapin – Yearling Ewe
Premier Exhibitor – Ellora Chapin

Blue Faced Leicester – Black
Ram – Margaret VanCamp – Jr. Ram Lamb
Ewe – Margaret VanCamp – Yearling Ewe
Best Fleece – Margaret VanCamp – Yearling Ewe
Premier Exhibitor – Margaret VanCamp

A complete list of the show placings is attached.
2016 BFL National Show Standings

The official results of the fleece and skein competitions will be posted when received. Photos of the show will be posted when they become available.

Herding Demo at MS&W festival

Rye driving the ewes (1)
by Nancy Starkey
I have been announcing the demos for over 20 years and have been performing in the demos for the past six or seven years. We have used Bluefaced Leicester sheep from my flock in the demos for several years, and they were especially appropriate this year because of the Bluefaced Leicester National Show.
Kep and ewes at festival (1)
The dogs used in the demonstrations are Working Border Collies. We showcase the natural talent and ability of the dogs and show how they can be an asset to the livestock producer. We also have the dogs work in partnership with the handlers to maneuver the sheep through the various obstacles around the arena.
Rye in Demos by Garrett (2)Photo by Garrett Ramsay
Throughout the demo, we stress that livestock should always be handled in a calm, quiet manner by the dogs. Our goal is for the demonstrations to be enjoyable as well as informative for the crowds.Aggie and sheep2 (2)

Using Bluefaced Leicester Fiber: Demonstration at National Show

BFL Blending
As part of the National Bluefaced Leicester Show at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, the Bluefaced Leicester Union will be giving a free demonstration on carding and combing Bluefaced Leicester wool. They will demonstrate the best way to work with beautiful, purly BFL locks and how best to manage the small lock structure through the carding and combing process. Hand cards, combs, and a hackle will be used to show you how to transform your BFL fleece into a preparation ready for spinning or felting. Then you’re welcome to try it yourself. Extra cards and combs will be available. They will also have Bluefaced Leicester fleece for you to try out.

Hello from President Margaret VanCamp

Many of us have a day or two of free time coming up for Easter or Spring Break. Please use some of this time to do three things:
1. Enter your BFLs in the 2016 National Show at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, May 7-8. You can enter them online in a fairly straight-forward process at http://sheepandwool.org/online-registration-instructions/ You have to do this by April 1st, so don’t delay!!!
2. Get a room booked at the host hotel, Columbia Courtyard, an easy 15 min from the Fairgrounds. We got a great rate of $89 per night, (reg price $120) so don’t put off making your reservation if you want to get one of the seven rooms remaining in our block. These room will be released on April 15.
3. Register your 2016 lambs. If they are not registered before you enter the show, don’t worry—they just need to be registered by the date of the show.

A little known fact: you can enter more than two sheep in a class, and even show more than two in the class…you just have to accept the fact that you will not get a premium for that placing (if it places in the money.) However, as a show entry it can be in your pens and someone might want to buy it. If you don’t want to show more than two, you just scratch it when you check in. There are always lots of buyers at MSWF.

We have a great local restaurant picked out for the BFL dinner – Contact me at mavaca@usol.com if you want to join us. We want to see you whether you bring sheep or not, so please plan on it!