Using the Classifieds

A message for BLU members

We have changed some things from how they were organized on the old site. There is now a separate piece of software that is being used to run our Membership Directory; we are using this area only for membership information and membership status, and have eliminated the “classified ad info” from each member’s entry.

New Classifieds Section

We have now included a separate Classified Ads area! All BLU members are encouraged to enter their own FREE classified ads here. All membership (FREE) classifieds are set up to run for 6 months, and include up to 4 photographs. Members can enter as many ads as they would like; we currently have the following categories:

  • Sheep
  • Fleece
  • Fiber & Yarn
  • Finished Products
  • Equipment
  • Dogs
  • Services
  • General
  • Wanted

We also have FREE Wanted ads. These are set to run for 6 months, and are free to everyone; members and non-menbers.

BLU also has the ability to accept PAID classified ads from non-BLU members (PayPal accepted). A paid classified ad includes up to 4 photographs, and are organized into 4 packages to choose from:

  • 30 day = $10.00
  • 90 day = $27.00 (a 10% discount)
  • 180 day = $48.00 (a 20% discount)
  • 1 year = $84.00 (a 30% discount)

Character count is quite generous at 1000 characters allowed, and remember, all classifieds can include up to 4 photos.

Please note: All advertisers are required to manage their own ads and photos. Any time you edit your ad, it will need to be approved again before it will appear.

Please follow the instructions in the Classifieds section. Paid classifieds can be paid directly through PayPal while using the system. All classified ads (free and paid) are subject to approval before your ad will appear on the site.

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