Farms all over the US are reporting lambs on the ground. Lambing will continue through the spring months.

The Chapins of Smiling Sheep in New Hampshire welcome this brand new lamb from a Pitchfork ewe and a TerraMia ram. Look for this youngster in the showring, handled by Ellora this year!

Kathy Koning-Mcclure of Frivolous Ewe in Illinois has a proud new BFL mother.

A lovely set of triplets from Karen Szewc of Liongate Farm in Oregon,produced by her Winston and Paisley. The mild weather in that part of the country made for a pleasant lambing season.

Paul Genge, in Washington state, has lambs arriving from his successful AI effort. This super-blue little ram is the offspring of Beechtree’s Moonstone, AI’ed to Mossvale Masterplan.

Rhiannon Curley shares a set of twins with us, a ram and a ewe from Jehovah’s Cornerstone x Koenig Doheney. Doheney is seven this year. Rhiannon is from Oregon.

Another set of twins from Terra Mia Kat Bierkens in Oregon.

BLU board member makes national sheep news

BLU board member Jared Lloyd was recently interviewed for a Sheep Industry News article.  The article focuses on his flock expansion using Shetland and BFL genetics in a large western commercial flock.

At the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, youth rule!

From Jill Johnson, Boyd, WI
My boys, Blake(age 11) and Tyler(age 9), have 15 BFLs.   BLU members LeeAnne & Weldon Richert (Cable, WI)  have helped them get started with a nice little flock. The boys make management decisions for their flock with a little help from us. They are also involved with the care and management of our 50+ ewe Cormo flock. They also enjoy helping with the marketing of our wool and help with educational presentations on sheep and wool.

Blake and Tyler had an exciting weekend during the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. Blake won champion youth fleece, champion natural colored fleece, and ultimately reserve supreme champion fleece with a natural colored Bluefaced Leicester fleece.
The fleece was the lamb fleece of RiverWinds 255 Muffy.

Blake and Tyler also exhibited the champion Natural colored ewe, RiverWinds 254 Miffy,(twin to Muffy) at the Great Lakes BFL show at WSWF. They also exhibited the reserve champion colored BFL ram and reserve champion white BFL ewe.

Tyler and his reserve champion white BFL ewe

To continue with my motherly bragging they also placed 1st and 3rd in the beginner division of the Youth sweepstakes held at the festival. The sweepstakes is a points competition based on all the youth activies at the festival. In all they had a good weekend.


Blake and his champion natural colored BFL ewe

Blake has shown his BFLs at our county fair for 3 years introducing something other than a Suffolk. Both boys have shown at WSWF for the last 3 years in the Great Lakes BFL show and the Junior show. Last year Blake actually showed the reserve supreme champion wool breed of the junior show with his white BFL yearling. Tyler has also had success in fleece competitions last year he exhibited the reserve champion white fleece at
Shepherd’s Harvest (Minnesota’s main sheep and wool festival)in a competition with more than 100 fleeces and then sold that fleece for $100 at silent auction.

Comments from fleece Judge Letty Klein: Out of about 130 fleece entries, there was one BFL, a natural colored one. It was stunning! I placed it 1st in the NC long wool class, then Champion NC
Division. Well, I then made the fleece Reserve Supreme over all the fleeces.

Photos by LeeAnne Richert

Another well deserved show win

From Robina Koenig, Bend Oregon

Deschutes County Fair(Oregon), held Aug 2-7, 2011. There were 12 champion rams in the class from long, medium and fine fleeced with both natural colored and whites represented. Theo won the Supreme Ram under judge Pat Arias from Manteca, California.

Robina’s yearling BFL ewe also won reserve champion ewe overall.

Smile, Robina, you’ve done well!

BLU Junior Members Excel!

BLU youth Fraley
Maddie Fraley, Lisa Rodenfels, and Alex Fraley at the Ohio Stark Co. Fair, September 2010.

Originally published in the newsletter BLU Print; October 2010 issue, Vol. 1, No. 3

The Fraley girls of Running Briar Farm did well at the Ohio Stark County fair in September. They entered Bluefaced Leicesters in both the youth 4-H and open classes. Shown in the photo are Maddie (left with Babydoll), BLU president Lisa Rodenfels (center), and Alex (right with Vogue) with their 2nd and 3rd place open AOB yearling ewes.  They went on to win 1st place pair of ewes in the AOB class.

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