Farms all over the US are reporting lambs on the ground. Lambing will continue through the spring months.

The Chapins of Smiling Sheep in New Hampshire welcome this brand new lamb from a Pitchfork ewe and a TerraMia ram. Look for this youngster in the showring, handled by Ellora this year!

Kathy Koning-Mcclure of Frivolous Ewe in Illinois has a proud new BFL mother.

A lovely set of triplets from Karen Szewc of Liongate Farm in Oregon,produced by her Winston and Paisley. The mild weather in that part of the country made for a pleasant lambing season.

Paul Genge, in Washington state, has lambs arriving from his successful AI effort. This super-blue little ram is the offspring of Beechtree’s Moonstone, AI’ed to Mossvale Masterplan.

Rhiannon Curley shares a set of twins with us, a ram and a ewe from Jehovah’s Cornerstone x Koenig Doheney. Doheney is seven this year. Rhiannon is from Oregon.

Another set of twins from Terra Mia Kat Bierkens in Oregon.

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