President’s notes on board meeting held August 10th, 2011

On August 10th, the BLU board met by teleconference. The treasurer’s report and the minutes from the April 27th meeting were approved.

The national show committee will meet formally at the Wool Gathering in Ohio in September. In the mean time, a restaurant for the banquet, and a hotel has agreed to block a number of rooms for BFL breeders attending the show. The committee has begun accepting sponsors for show class awards. A special fiber program is being developed, and should be ready to announce after the September meeting.

The flockbook is nearly ready for publication. It should be posted to the website in .pdf format by the end of August, where BLU members will be able to access it to download and/or print a copy.

A decision to file for nonprofit status with the IRS was reached, and the paperwork is to be filled out and submitted.

The board went over the upcoming election schedule, and decided which positions will be up for election this fall. Since this is the first election since this board took office, it is the board’s responsibility to arrange for staggered terms. The positions of vice president and 2 board members will be elected this fall; and president and the remaining 3 board members will be voted on in 2012. A notice of call for resumes for the 3 positions up for re-election is to be posted on the BLU website, and there will also be a postcard mailed to all current members. The deadline to submit resumes in order to be put on the ballot has been set for October 25th.

The next scheduled board meeting will be November 16th. BLU members are encouraged to contact any board member with ideas or concerns that the board should address.

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