2020 National Show venue sought

  The BLU board is accepting applications for show venues for the 2020 BFL National Show.   Please contact any board member to make suggestions for the venue.  There is an proposal form available which covers many of the questions, requirements, and considerations to be made when choosing a site for the show.   It should be completed and submitted to the breed secretary, listed on the form.

2020 National Show Proposal Form

Summary of the January 17th BLU board meeting

The BLU board met by teleconference meeting on January 17th at 7PM EST. All board members were in attendance, as well the as Sect/Treas. Incoming President Katie Sullivan (VT) welcomed new board member Paul Genge (WA). During the meeting, the board voted to appoint Margie Smith (PA) to the board seat vacated when Katie took office.

The minutes of the previous meeting in April had been approved by a poll. The current balance in the treasury is $10,484.22, confirmed by a copy of the bank statement. Each board member was also provided with a copy of the income and expense detail for YTD 2018. 14 new member packets were sent out during 2018. There are 98 members, of which 7 are Canadian.

There were 332 new registrations, and 161 transfers processed by the breed registry, administered by Associated Sheep Registries in Wamego, KS. The free classified ads offered on the BLU website have been used quite a bit this year, with 19 ads placed.

The committee chairs have been busy working on new projects for the association. The bylaws & standards committee has been contacted by one of our members, requesting that the so called “silver” BFLs that are currently registered as “black patterned” be given their own code on the pedigree so that interested breeders can track this color pattern. A draft of this proposal, including photographs so that members can identify and differentiate this color from black pattern will be drawn up and presented to the board for its approval.

The media committee announced that the redesigned logo project is completed, with 3 different versions as well as an embroidery file created. The next major project will be to have the website updated and the outdated plug-ins and work-arounds fixed. The committee will work on getting estimates for the cost of the overhaul.

The youth committee has suggested a scholarship program for our youth members, and will be working on a proposal for the next meeting. Another proposal is for an award to help offset the cost of youth members purchasing breeding stock. It was suggested that a youth sit on this committee.

The genetics taskforce suggested that it work on a list of different bloodlines available in the US to make it easier for members to find unrelated breeding stock.

The national show committee will be sending out a call for show venues, with the show proposal deadline of April 1st. The next show will be in 2020.

The next meeting will be held in the second half of April.

Unofficial results of the 2018 BFL National Show

Unofficial results of the 2018 BFL National Show

White Yearling Ram

  1. 4G Farms
  2. Liongate Farm
  3. Liongate Farm

White Ram Lamb

1) Pitchfork Ranch

  1. Ironwater Ranch
  2. Ironwater Ranch
  3. Irish Hill
  4. 4G Farms
  5. Irish Hill

Natural Colored Yearling Ram

  1. Liongate Farm
  2. 4G Farms

Natural Colored Ram Lamb

  1. Pitchfork Ranch
  2. Liongate Farm
  3. 4G Farms
  4. Liongate Farm
  5. 4G Farms

Pair of Ram Lambs

  1. Ironwater Ranch
  2. Pitchfork Ranch
  3. Liongate Farm
  4. 4G Farms
  5. Liongate Farm
  6. Irish Hill

CHAMPION RAM – Pitchfork Ranch



White Yearling Ewe

  1. Pitchfork Ranch
  2. Liongate Farm
  3. Shepherds Rose
  4. Custom Colored Critters
  5. Pitchfork Ranch
  6. Liongate Farm

White Ewe Lamb

  1. Pitchfork Ranch
  2. Pitchfork Ranch
  3. Ironwater Ranch
  4. 4G Farms
  5. Custom Colored Critters
  6. Ironwater Ranch

Natural Colored Yearling Ewe

  1. Liongate Farm
  2. Irish Hill
  3. 4G Farms

Natural Colored Ewe Lamb

  1. Liongate Farm
  2. Liongate Farm
  3. 4G Farms
  4. Terra Mia
  5. 4G Farms

Pair of Ewe Lambs

  1. Pitchfork Ranch
  2. Liongate Farm
  3. Custom Colored Critters
  4. Liongate Farm
  5. Ironwater Ranch
  6. 4G Farms

CHAMPION EWE – Pitchfork Ranch

RES CHAMP EWE – Pitchfork Ranch



  1. Pitchfork Ranch
  2. Ironwater Ranch
  3. Liongate Farm
  4. 4G Farms
  5. 4G Farms


BEST FLEECE – Ironwater Ranch

List of Exhibitors – THANK YOU for your support!

Corner Creek

Custom Colored Critters – Correy McAtee

4G Farms – Paul & Sharidyn Genge

Irish Hill – Rhiannon Curley

Ironwater Ranch – Kieran VanHorsen

Liongate Farm – Karen Szewc

Pitchfork Ranch – Margaret VanCamp & Cindy Ceicewa

Shepherds Rose – Bryn McAtee

Terra Mia – Kat Bierkens

Viking Woolworks – Susan Mainland


A special message from our national show chair, Karen Szewc:

I want to thank everyone that came out and supported the BFL national! Breeders, members, BFL lovers!
What a great weekend hanging out with the sheep people. A huge thanks to all who assisted this temporarily disabled knee person. (I REALLY could not have done this without you all (and those nifty pain pills lol) I think we made history with the most BFLs in one place at one time show wise. Black Sheep Gathering thanks us for supporting them!! Huge thanks to Shellie Ross for the video (of all my misbehaving sheep) all of you. Margaret VanCamp and I have something cooking for 2020 after a little research to get MORE of you involved. I learned so much this weekend. (mostly that I need to do more halter training) Working together we can put our breed on the map. A special thank you to Susan Mainland and Robina Koenig -I could not have gotten this together without the two of you! oh and Paul Genge for the awesome banner….Our judge was thorough and I really appreciated his individual input to each and every handler.
Here’s to 2020 make your plans to attend where ever it is~~



Dr Geof Ruppert will judge the BFL fleeces at the national show

Dr. Geof Ruppert
Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Your judge for the 2018 Black Sheep Gathering is Dr. Geof Ruppert. His involvement with sheep began in 1976 with a starter flock of Corriedales, chosen in part because of his mother’s interest in the fiber arts. Along the way, he participated in judging livestock through 4-H, where he was on the Maryland State judging team. After completing undergraduate studies and vet school at Virginia Tech, Geof began judging county fairs, mostly in New England. Dr. Ruppert has also judged the National Junior Corriedale show and the New England Sheep sale as well as the National Merino sale, held in conjunction with the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.
Over the years his Corriedale flock has endured, and he has added a separate flock of Cormos to explore the finer end of the wool spectrum. After meeting with Corriedale breeders from around the world at the 2000 World Corriedale Congress, Geof realized that American Corriedale wool quality could be improved by introducing Australian Corriedales to his flock. Since 2001, the Rupperts have been pursuing an artificial insemination program using Australian rams that reach back to the very roots of the breed. In 2014 the American Corriedale Association held its 100th year anniversary celebration. Ruppert’s Corriedales participated in the National Show with just one ram entry; winning Best Fleece overall and best headed Corriedale.
Today, Geof divides his time between his sheep and his companion animal practice, but he sneaks off to Australia every chance he gets to learn more about that most amazing and versatile fiber … wool!

Class listing for the 2018 BFL national show

The classes for the BFL National Show, held during the Black Sheep Gathering in Albany, OR in June are as follows: Yearling Ram
Ram Lamb
Pair of Ram Lambs
Yearling ewe
Ewe lamb
Pair of ewe lambs
Breeders young flock (1 ram lamb, 2 ewe lambs)
You may enter 2 white and 2 natural colored per exhibitor, per class.

The judge is Zane Bone, from College Station, TX. Entries close June 1, or whenever they get 600 entries.

There are 2 classes for BFL fleeces. One is for lambs, the other is for hogget fleece (1-2 yo)
Dr Geof Ruppert, from Fairfield, PA is the wool judge.

The catalog, entry forms, show schedule and anything else you might want to know is now available at the BSG website. www.blacksheepgathering.org

Announcing the judge for the BFL National Show

Zane Bone • College Station, Texas
I am a 4th generation sheep and goat raiser from the Texas Hill Country. My father was a state winning sheep and goat vocational agricultural teacher; my mom was also from a ranching background. My mom’s brother was one of the best known sheep and goat 4-H agents this state has ever had. My grandfather ran a working cattle, horse, sheep and goat ranch for a family estate for 40 years. It was no wonder I ended up liking sheep and goats. I was involved in 4-H and FFA as a youth, and I judged wool and mohair up until attending college at Texas A&M University where I obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agronomy. Growing up on the ranch, I’ve had my own Rambouillet sheep and Angora goat herds. It was through this diversity that I found my true love for sheep and goats; I work to design breeding programs with different goals in mind.
In the past few years I’ve been invited to judge at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, the Mountain State Fair in Asheville North Carolina and the Maryland State Fair. It has been a true blessing that I have found to be very rewarding and refreshing. Being involved in these shows has awoken a new desire to see sheep through a different lens again. Who knows? Upon the completion of my children’s show careers, we may just give fiber a new whirl. I think I am again catching the bug you all have.
Every show I am asked to judge has been an honor and brings great rewards. It has been so refreshing to see sheep showing as it was intended, both educational and a time of fellowship. Fiber festivals have renewed my hope that exhibition can be about more than a ribbon; it can be about the love of sheep and the acceptance of the diversity sheep can bring. Each breed fascinates me in different ways. I so look forward to judging the Black Sheep Gathering and seeing what the West Coast has to offer. Thanks in advance and may all of you have safe travels and outstanding lamb crops.

Sponsors needed for 2018 National BFL Show

Please put the Seventh National BFL Show on your calendar— June 29th at the Black Sheep Gathering in Albany, OR.

BLU is accepting sponsors*** for the awards for this show. If you would like to sponsor an award, the cost is $50 per award (you may partner with another breeder if needed). Make your check out to Bluefaced Leicester Union, and mail to me at the following address:

Lisa Rodenfels
BLU Sect/Treas
44011 County Rd 23
Coshocton, OH 43812

***Be sure to tell me if you want recognition for the award donation in your name or in the name of your flock. A banner will be in the showring with all sponsors listed.