Summary of the January 17th BLU board meeting

The BLU board met by teleconference meeting on January 17th at 7PM EST. All board members were in attendance, as well the as Sect/Treas. Incoming President Katie Sullivan (VT) welcomed new board member Paul Genge (WA). During the meeting, the board voted to appoint Margie Smith (PA) to the board seat vacated when Katie took office.

The minutes of the previous meeting in April had been approved by a poll. The current balance in the treasury is $10,484.22, confirmed by a copy of the bank statement. Each board member was also provided with a copy of the income and expense detail for YTD 2018. 14 new member packets were sent out during 2018. There are 98 members, of which 7 are Canadian.

There were 332 new registrations, and 161 transfers processed by the breed registry, administered by Associated Sheep Registries in Wamego, KS. The free classified ads offered on the BLU website have been used quite a bit this year, with 19 ads placed.

The committee chairs have been busy working on new projects for the association. The bylaws & standards committee has been contacted by one of our members, requesting that the so called “silver” BFLs that are currently registered as “black patterned” be given their own code on the pedigree so that interested breeders can track this color pattern. A draft of this proposal, including photographs so that members can identify and differentiate this color from black pattern will be drawn up and presented to the board for its approval.

The media committee announced that the redesigned logo project is completed, with 3 different versions as well as an embroidery file created. The next major project will be to have the website updated and the outdated plug-ins and work-arounds fixed. The committee will work on getting estimates for the cost of the overhaul.

The youth committee has suggested a scholarship program for our youth members, and will be working on a proposal for the next meeting. Another proposal is for an award to help offset the cost of youth members purchasing breeding stock. It was suggested that a youth sit on this committee.

The genetics taskforce suggested that it work on a list of different bloodlines available in the US to make it easier for members to find unrelated breeding stock.

The national show committee will be sending out a call for show venues, with the show proposal deadline of April 1st. The next show will be in 2020.

The next meeting will be held in the second half of April.

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