A special message from our national show chair, Karen Szewc:

I want to thank everyone that came out and supported the BFL national! Breeders, members, BFL lovers!
What a great weekend hanging out with the sheep people. A huge thanks to all who assisted this temporarily disabled knee person. (I REALLY could not have done this without you all (and those nifty pain pills lol) I think we made history with the most BFLs in one place at one time show wise. Black Sheep Gathering thanks us for supporting them!! Huge thanks to Shellie Ross for the video (of all my misbehaving sheep) all of you. Margaret VanCamp and I have something cooking for 2020 after a little research to get MORE of you involved. I learned so much this weekend. (mostly that I need to do more halter training) Working together we can put our breed on the map. A special thank you to Susan Mainland and Robina Koenig -I could not have gotten this together without the two of you! oh and Paul Genge for the awesome banner….Our judge was thorough and I really appreciated his individual input to each and every handler.
Here’s to 2020 make your plans to attend where ever it is~~



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