Complete list of sheep classes for the BFL National Show

Classes for the BFL National Show on May 7&8 during the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in Friendship, MD. The sheep show is Saturday AM. If you are interested in sponsoring a special award for one of the classes, please contact the breed secretary at

Whites and black will be shown separately, in two different shows

Individual and pair classes. Each exhibitor is allowed two entries per class (except in pair classes, where one pair equals one entry)

1. Aged ewes (over 2 years old)

2. Pair of aged ewes

3. Yearling ewes

4. Pair of yearling ewes

5. Ewe lambs

6. Pair of ewe lambs

Champion and reserve ewe *

7. Aged rams

8. Yearling rams

9. Ram lambs

10. Pair of ram lambs

Champion and reserve ram*

Group and special classes: each exhibitor allowed one entry per class.

11. Pen of three lambs / young flock (2 ewe lambs, 1 ram lamb)*

12. Get of sire (any three sheep sired by the same ram)*

13. Flock (2 ewe lambs, 2 yearling ewes, 1 ram)*

14. Best head, ram (white only)*

15. Best head, ewe (white only)*

16. Best fleece*

*sponsored award class (winners will receive an award in addition to a ribbon)

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