Announcing the New Youth Voucher Award Program

BLU has a new program, available to all youth across the country. Applicants will be screened and the winner will receive a voucher for $250, which they can use to offset the cost of a registered BFL of their choosing. All the seller need do is present the voucher to BLU, and will be reimbursed. Attached are the rules to be downloaded, the application completed, and sent to the BLU secretary. Deadline to apply is May 1, 2020

Please help get this information out to 4-H, FFA, and other organizations where young shepherds will get the news. Do you have a state sheep organization? Send it to them. Post this on your own FB page. Post it on your website. Contact your local Extension 4-H advisor and ask them to pass it along to other 4-h offices. Not only will it benefit the young person who is awarded the voucher, but it will also help YOU by a potential sale of breeding stock. Please keep in mind, if you are approached by a young person later this year who wishes to use the voucher to offset the cost of the sheep they are purchasing, all you have to do is present the voucher to BLU and you will be reimbursed. So download this form and help spread the word!

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