New Services for BLU members in the works

The new BLU board has not let any grass grow under its feet in taking up several projects designed to enhance members’ interactions with the organization, particularly online. After several meetings, it became clear that members want more information regarding pedigrees, youth activities, imported bloodlines, events and more in an easily accessible format, kept current and responsive. The board decided to begin with an overhaul of this, the BLU website, to make it easier to use and keep updated, while also adding some pivotal member services. Look for the following services to be available starting this summer:

-Online searchable database, containing the pedigrees of all sheep registered with BLU since its inception

-Online registration option

-Online membership signup/ renewal option

Obviously, expenses are being incurred in the undertaking of these projects, and for now, BLU is absorbing those costs. However, to maintain these new member services going forward, we are looking at a modest increase in fees (currently among the lowest among U.S. sheep registries) beginning in 2024:

  • Junior membership: from $5 to $10, AND the junior must record their date of birth and / or age on Jan 1 of the year that the membership is purchased for
  • Active (adult) membership: from $15 to $20
  • Associate (non-voting, non-registering): from $10 to $15
  • Registration of lambs in the calendar year of birth: from $5 to $7 for members, from $10 to $14 for non-members
  • Registration of animals after the calendar year of birth: unchanged ($10 for members, $20 or non-members)
  • Transfers: from $5 to $7 for members, from $10 to $14 for non-members
  • Registration of imported semen: from $5 to $7
  • All other fees unchanged.

The board trusts that members will understand the reasons behind this very rare increase in fees and that they will see the value of it in the additional services being provided. In announcing them now, we hope that members will be able to plan for the increases and be motivated to try out the new services when they become available this summer.

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