Correction to National Show sheep classes

Due to a misunderstanding, and the lack of time and space to add special BFL specific classes, we are posting an updated list of the classes offered for the BFL National Show on May 7&8 during the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in Friendship, MD. The sheep show is Saturday AM.
Whites and black will be shown separately, in two different shows

Individual and pair classes. Each exhibitor is allowed two entries per class (except in pair classes, where one pair equals one entry) ( you may enter more than 2 in a class, but only 2 are eligible for awards.)

1. Yearling ewes

2. Pair of yearling ewes

3. Ewe lambs

4. Pair of ewe lambs

Champion and reserve ewe *

5. Yearling rams

6. Ram lambs

7. Pair of ram lambs

Champion and reserve ram*

Group and special classes: each exhibitor allowed one entry per class.

8. Flock (2 ewe lambs, 2 yearling ewes, 1 ram)*

9. Best head, ram (white only)*

10. Best head, ewe (white only)*

11. Best fleece*

*sponsored award class (winners will receive an award in addition to a ribbon)

BLU Registry Has Moved!

Associated Sheep Registries has moved its offices from Milo Iowa to Kansas. This took place late in September, and the new office is up and running now.

Please send all registration and transfer requests to the new address. As always, checks should be made out to
BLU or Bluefaced Leicester Union.

Associated Sheep Registries
P.O. Box 231
305 Lincoln
Wamego, KS 66547
Phone: 785-456-8500
Fax: 785-456-8599

Upcoming BLU Election

Deadline to submit resumes to run for President or 3 board positions is OCTOBER 25th ***
Send resume to BLU breed secretary at P.O. Box 2304 Frisco, TX 75034, or email to

Timeline for Election:

October 25th – Last day to receive resumes for candidacies. Resumes will be posted on the BLU website during the election.
Nov. 1st – Election Supervisor will mail ballots to all BLU full members as of October 1, 2014.
Dec. 1st – Deadline for ballots to be returned to Election Supervisor.
Dec. 5th – Election Supervisor will count ballots and report to BLU president.
Dec. 6th – President to contact all candidates with results, and post on website.

BLU Member Nancy Starkey reports from MS&W festival


Photos by permission by Marcus Skeel

Mark Soper and I (and our wonderful sheepdogs) perform the Working Sheepdog Demonstrations at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival each year, and we use yearling Bluefaced Leicester ewes from my flock in the demos.  These young BFLs are probably the classiest “demo sheep” around, and they certainly catch the attention of the festival crowds.  People love the regal look of the BFLs, and their flowing fleeces are a big part of their appeal.